I want to tell you more about me and my artwork

First of all – English is not my native language. This post took me some time to translate, and I hope everything comes across in the way I have intended it to 😊

För att läsa denna text på svenska – se inlägget innan.

What kind of art do I do?

You could say that I work with a mix of intuitive, figurative and processing creation. What’s most important for me when I am painting is emotion. I use different kind of motives as a tool for this, combined with a intuitive flow where I let my instincts take over in brushstrokes and putting on color, structures and how they integrate with each other. I don’t want my paintings to be to delicate, I strive to also be bold and to use large brushes.

How do I choose a motive?

The motive I paint gives clear or less clear context for the end result.
It is important to me to fall in love with the motive, it is what drives me to paint and continue from the start to finish. Often when I am painting I will encounter different passages in the process, some of them easier and some of them hard to go through.
To be in love with the motive helps me to continue through the rough passages.

Do I have an education?

I am what you call self-thought (at least that’s what we call it in Swedish),
but that is not entirely true I suppose. My mum used to draw with me right from the start as soon as I could sit up by myself and I have been drawing and painting ever since. My favorite motive as a three year old was pregnant ghosts. I don’t really know what the pregnancies were about, maybe I was fascinated by it, and The Canterville ghost was my favorite book at this time. As I recall my mum had to read it for me every night for months.
I have many creative relatives and several of them who were painting.
Mum, grandpa on my mothers side, grandma on my fathers side and my stephmum, in her youth.
My grandmother (mothers mother) was a very skilled seamstress and my grandfather (mothers father) also did photography, which I have too.

My background

I come from a politically influenced unconventional environment which offered contrast. It was partly a disfunctional environment but at the same time culture and values were very important. There was also periodically discussions of religion and conception of life. I am very thankful for what my parents gave in terms of literature, art and culture. I also sherish the values about all peoples ecual value and rights I grew up with.
At the same time there were alcoholism, addiction and also psychiatric illness. I have learned a lot from my background and it is my understanding that we are never fully educated in our personal growth, it is something that we need to continue with throughout life.
There has been several different periods in my creative journey. I have drawn a lot, tried different techniques and made my first painting on canvas when I was three years old. I did ceramics for a decade in my youth. I have educations in photography and graphics. Unfortunately I lost a lot of knowledge about photography when I was burned out during a couple of years. I also do some sewing, but I will never be a skilled seamstress as my gran. My artwork is what I always comes back to and I feel that I have found my expression.


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